Step 7: Personal Wealth and Estate Planning

Business owners are unique in the world of personal wealth and estate planning because their businesses typically represent a significant portion of both their personal net worth and their annual income. If you have children active in your business, your planning is even more complex. In this component, we will create a well-balanced plan that addresses:

  • Protecting personal assets
  • Managing wealth both now and in the future
  • Promoting harmony in the family

Possible Recommendations for Personal Wealth and Estate Planning:

  • Existing and Recommended Estate Planning Documents
  • Personal Asset Protection Planning
  • Personal and Family Insurance
  • Transfers of Specific Non-Business Assets
  • Personal Wealth Management Plan
  • Allocation of Business Cash Flow After Death
  • Bequests to Key Employees upon Owner’s Death
  • Transfer of Business Real Estate upon Death

To learn even more about the Seven Step Exit Planning Process,TM contact us to complete our Exit Planning Assessment Workbook. The workbook provides a series of questions that, once completed, creates a visual summary of your understanding of the issues connected to planning for the future.